Preliminary Audition Repertoire

The audition recording that you upload to Accetpd must contain the following excerpts in the order listed. Excerpts may be found in the orchestral parts (measure numbers provided.) Most of the orchestral parts for the Preliminary Audition are available from Edwin F. Kalmus & Co., Inc. Kalmus can be contacted at (800) 434-6340 or online at We will supply any excerpts that require permission from the publisher.

Tenor Trombone CD Repertoire

Tenor Trombone Recorded Repertoire Solo (unaccompanied):

- Norman Bolter, Morning Walk, meas. 1 - 48 (Omit extended rests)

Orchestral Excerpts (all 1st Trombone parts unless otherwise noted):

-Mozart, Requiem, Tuba mirum, 2nd trombone solo, meas. 1 - 18

-Berlioz, Hungarian March, 2nd trombone, 6 meas. before 4 - 2nd meas. of 5

- Ravel, Bolero, 3rd meas. of 10 - 11

- Wagner, Ride of the Valkyries, 1st B Major section, pickup to 6 - 3rd meas. of 7

Bass Trombone CD Repertoire

Bass Trombone Recorded Repetoire
Solo (unaccompanied):

-    Norman Bolter, Sagittarius2, meas. 6 - 46 (Omit extended rests)

Orchestra Excerpts:

-    Haydn   Creation, no. 26, meas. 1 - 3rd meas. of  A

-Schumann Symphony no. 3, Rhenish, IV. meas. 1 - 8

-Strauss Ein Heldenleben, 55 - 2nd meas. of 56, second meas. of 61 - 1st meas. of 65    

Wagner  Ride of the Valkyries, 2nd B Major section, pickup to 11 - 5th meas. of 12